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Common Problems With Lab Flooring

Lab flooring has a very particular market, and FreeStyle’s professionals have learned all about the various problems laboratories find with their flooring over the years. That being said, we have narrowed in on a few of the most common issues we hear about, and the impacts it can have on their everyday work.

Chemical spills

Labs often deal with items like chemicals and other abrasions that might impact the integrity of the floors, and it can be difficult to find a flooring option that can withstand these accidents. Vinyl flooring is resilient to these substances and holds steady for extended use.


With all the different accidents that can happen in a lab, being able to quickly clean and move onto the next project as important as ever. Time is progress, and the faster and easier it is to keep up with your flooring, the more work your employees can complete.

Slipping and injury

Whether this is caused by a substance spill or wet floors after an easy clean up, your employees’ safety should always be a top priority. Lab flooring should have slip-resistance to reduce the chance of potential injury and avoid delays in production.


For anyone who has spent their days standing on a hard surface knows the aches and pains after a long shift. Lab flooring should have a great under-foot feel that provides comfort. This support not only helps avoid employee aches and pains, but it can also even boost productivity.

Luckily, there are commercial interlocking floors out there that solve these common problems and so much more. FreeStyle’s easy-to-install tiles are durable and designed to work in laboratory environments. Whether you need a whole building laid or just a single room, our tiles can be removed and reinstalled easily.

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