BC Biomedical

BC Biomedical

When BC Biomedical Laboratories needed to replace their floor due to moisture failure, they needed a free-floating floor that would resist moisture, feel comfortable underfoot, and install quickly. FreeStyle™ was exactly what they needed and has become their standard flooring for all installations directly on slab. And because FreeStyle™ is available in a variety of colors and designs, it can be matched to the existing color scheme in each BC Biomedical location.

FreeStyle™ for a Speedy Recovery!

For busy medical laboratories, FreeStyle™ Interlocking Environmental Flooring is just what the doctor ordered! By completely eliminating the need for any adhesive, it can be walked on immediately upon installation. FreeStyle™ installs quickly and radically reduces the typical downtime and disruption found with conventional glue-down flooring products. And its flexible composition means it can be installed directly over old flooring! FreeStyle™ has a durable wear layer made to handle heavy traffic. It’s available in a large selection of attractive styles and is stain-resistant and anti-microbial.

In medical laboratories FreeStyle™ cures what ails your floors by offering:

Quick Installation

  • Reduces Downtime
  • Meets “Quick Build” Timelines
  • No Need to Wait for New Concrete to Fully Cure
  • Use Floor Immediately After Installation
  • Easily Installed and Changed
  • Damaged Tiles Can Be Changed Easily and Quickly

Durability to Match the Most Demanding Environments

  • Waterproof, Anti-Microbial, Chemical & Stain-Resistant Composition
  • Formulated for High Traffic and Commercial Use
  • 10-Year Commercial Wear Through Warranty

Solves Problems

  • Can Be Used Directly On Top of Old Flooring
  • Covers High Moisture Concrete
  • Eliminates Adhesive Failures and the Associated Costs and Worries

Resilient Construction for Safety and Comfort

  • Reduces Noise
  • Meets ADA Requirements for Slip Resistance
  • Better Comfort Under Foot

Environmentally Preferred

  • Made with 50% Recycled Materials, Including Post-Consumer Carpeting
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Portable for Re-use
  • Interlocking to Eliminate the VOCs from Adhesives

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