Daniel’s Market

Daniel’s Market

Daniel’s Market in Santa Rosa, CA needed to replace a deteriorating floor with something attractive. Their old VCT floor was failing due to subfloor moisture problems, and was ugly and unsafe. But, they couldn’t afford the costs associated with rip out, floor-prep, replacement, and downtime. FreeStyle™ more than met their needs. It was installed directly over the old flooring during the market’s off-hours and without any disruption to store business. The end result was a beautiful and durable floor without a moment of lost business.

FreeStyle™ — Just What the Doctor Ordered!

FreeStyle™ Interlocking Environmental Flooring meets the demanding needs of supermarkets and grocery stores. Made in a variety of attractive styles, it can be installed directly over old flooring and can be walked on immediately, thereby eliminating the typical downtime and disruption experienced with conventional glue-down flooring products. In supermarkets and grocery stores, FreeStyle™ has a number of distinct advantages:

Solves Difficult Flooring Problems

  • Can Be Used Directly on Top of Old Flooring
  • Covers High Moisture Concrete

Quick Installation

  • Reduces Downtime
  • Meets “Quick Build” Timelines
  • Allows Floor Use Immediately After Installation
  • Easily Installed and Changed to Suit Changing Promotional Needs
  • Damaged Tiles Can Be Changed Easily and Quickly

Durability to Match the Most Demanding Environments

  • Formulated for Commercial and High Traffic Use (20-mil, Commercially-Rated Wear Layer)
  • 10-Year Commercial Wear Through Warranty

Resilient Construction for Safety and Comfort

  • Reduces Noise
  • Meets ADA Requirements for Slip Resistance
  • Better Comfort Under Foot

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