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Flooring For Schools

When you’re remodeling or designing a school or other educational institution, you need to make sure it’s safe for kids from the ground up. We have the right flooring for schools that fits your needs and your budget.

Instead of installing expensive hardwood or tile, you can just put our interlock tiles over the existing floor. This means that you can get the floors ready to go without spending long periods of time screwing in individual planks or waiting for tile grout to dry. You can get a few rooms finished in a day, and your whole building within a weekend.

Our flooring options can look more expensive than plastic tile actually is. We have options that look like beautiful hardwood floor with dark wood prints, or options that are carpeted for comfort and ease for students. If you want to impress any potential students, parents, or investors, then you know that looks are everything. Make sure your floors look perfect.

You don’t need to waste money hiring a large crew to install this flooring. You can do it yourself or with a few volunteers. It’s incredibly easy to install the floor, and the end result looks like it’s been done by professionals.

The flooring is also adhesive free, so there will be no damage to the building. It creates a tight seal to protect the building itself from water damage that could occur as well. If your school has a science laboratory, then you can also be sure that the floors are protected from any spilled chemicals or other incidents that could occur.

This flooring is durable and can withstand hundreds of kids walking over it each day. A school needs flooring that can stand up to desks, computers, and even gym equipment being dropped on it at anytime—and we have the flooring that can do this.

The number one priority is safety, and the right flooring can also help with this. If your school’s flooring tiles have asbestos or are at risk for asbestos, then you can be sure that the kids and teachers at the school will be safe. These flooring tiles will securely lock any asbestos underneath it and keep everyone nearby safe from harm.