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Choose Floating Floors for Laboratories

cleanroom flooring

Laboratories are interesting environments to care for due to their sensitive nature. Being cautious of every material that enters the room is important because it could alter the delicate balance necessary for a lab setting. When it comes to choosing flooring, floating floors are ideal for laboratories. Our BioLock interlocking flooring provides all the durability and resistance necessary for sensitive environments.

Durable & Resistant

Our BioLock Interlocking flooring is made from a durable material designed specifically for commercial and industrial settings, so it can easily withstand the wear and tear of a laboratory. Additionally, it’s important for floating floors for laboratories not to allow absorption because they are made from a nonporous material. This means you don’t have to worry about liquids staining or lingering for longer than they should. We can also seal your tiles with a waterproof seam sealer to make sure no water makes its way between your tiles. This sealer will prevent water from getting in, but will not adhere the tiles to the floor – they’ll still be easily removable.

Easy to Install and Remove

Speaking of adhesives, our BioLock interlocking tiles don’t require any harmful adhesives for installation. This helps maintain a balanced environment in a laboratory because you don’t have to introduce additional chemicals. Further, you can place the tiles over problem areas on a subfloor, so you don’t have to rip up the old floor, which saves you time and money. The tiles lock into place over your current floors – hence wthe title of “floating” floors.

Easy to Care For

We use up to 100% recycled materials in all of our tiles, and recycle them once you’re done with them. The nonporous material makes it easy to maintain. In the event of a spill, you have to mop it up – no worrying about long-term damage. Further, the tile system allows you to replace a small piece of the flooring if necessary; you don’t have to rip up the whole floor.

If you’re in the market for new flooring in your laboratory, consider our BioLock Interlocking Tiles. Our experts designed them to be easy to clean and install, which means less work for you in the long run. For more information about our FreeStyle line of flooring solutions, visit our website here.