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Common Problems With Lab Flooring

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Laboratory flooring has a very particular market.  Because of the specific needs of a lab environment, the experts at FreeStyle invested time into learning about the common problems laboratories find with their flooring. Not only has our team complied a list of the most common problems, but we’ve created innovative floating floors that can help solve the problem.


Chemical spills

Labs often deal with material such as chemicals and other harsh abrasions.  When accidents happen, these materials can impact the integrity of the laboratory flooring. Finding a solution that is durable to withstand this type of accident has proven to be a challenge across the board.  Commercial floating floors are not only resilient to these substances, but they also hold steady for extended use.


When an accident occurs, being able to quickly clean the spill to avoid potential damage is imperative.  Time is progress, and the faster and easier it is to keep up with your flooring, the more work your employees can complete.  Thus, a flooring solution that provides an unbreakable surface bond will allow for easy cleanup without compromising the integrity of your subfloor.


Slipping and injury

Whether this is caused by a substance spill or wet floors after an easy clean up, your employees’ safety should always be a top priority. Injuries related to slip and fall accidents can be prevents with the right type of lab flooring.  For example, floating floors provide slip-resistance, reducing the chance of potential injury to your employees.


For anyone who has spent their days standing on a hard surface, you know the aches and pains after a long shift. Lab flooring should have a great under-foot feel that provides comfort, and commercial floating floors will do just that. The proper support will not only help avoid employee aches and pains, but it can also even boost productivity by eliminating fatigue.


If you’ve been searching for a commercial floating floor solution to provide your laboratory the safest, most productive, level possible, look no further.  For more information on how FreeStyle can turn your lab into the new environment you’ve envisioned with ease, contact our team today at (508) 583-3200.