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4 Reasons Medical Lab Flooring Needs ESD 

A lot of sensitive work goes on in medical labs, and ESD lab flooring is essential to maintaining the integrity of their results.

Lab and Access Floors: What to Know Before You Start

Labs and areas with access floors have specialized requirements. Here’s what you should know about lab flooring before you start.

3 Places to Use Liquid Tight Vinyl Flooring

Let’s take a look at three places where liquid tight vinyl is your best flooring option.

Why Cleanroom Flooring Needs Antistatic Materials

FreeStyle antistatic products from SelecTech are ideal for cleanroom flooring to help protect the delicate work that happens in these environments.

Upgrade Your Space with Sustainable Flooring

At SelecTech, we provide sustainable flooring products that meet all your criteria. High-quality, recyclable materials and easy installation provide a feel-good solution that saves you money and time and provides a beautiful end result.

Choosing the Right Sustainable Flooring

Here, the experts at SelecTech look at two of the top reasons to place FreeStyle sustainable flooring at the top of your list.

3 Benefits to Installing Floating Floors

Whether you need to add an area with different floors or install a new floor for your entire space, floating floors from FreeStyle by SelecTech are the simple and effective solution you need.

Watertight vs. Waterproof Flooring: What’s the Difference?

You’ll come across a lot of terms that describe each flooring material’s characteristics, and it’s important to understand what they mean. Two terms that are often confused with each other are watertight and waterproof flooring.

Interlocking ESD Tile for Flexible Lab Flooring

Let’s look at why interlocking tiles are ideal for flexible lab flooring.

Access Flooring: How to Become Certified Green

At SelecTech, we’re proud of the fact that we do everything we can to reduce the impact our access flooring and other products have on the environment.