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FreeStyle DigiTile

• Digitally Printed and Water Jet Inset
• Interlocking Tiles
• Images Built into the Floor for Extreme Durability
• Images can be as Large as Desired
Benefits and Uses
• Engage Your Customer
• Portable
• Customizable & Reconfigurable
• Install Over Existing Floors
• Seasonal Displays

FreeStyle Flooring Specifications

Dimensions (finished surface) - 18.5” x 18.5”/47.0 cm x 47.0 cm
Coverage - 2.38 sq ft/tile/0.22 sq meter/tile
Thickness - 0.34”/8.6 mm
Commercial Wear Surface - 70 mil (1.8 mm) PVC
Weight - 5.1 lbs/tile
Noise Reduction - Excellent
Underfoot Comfort - Superior
Stain Resistance - Excellent
Maintenance - No Wax
Made in USA
Warranty - 5-Year Commercial
Coefficient of Friction - 0.70
Conforms to ADA Recommendations - ASTM D-2047
Critical Radiant Flux - >0.45 watts/cm
Meets Class I Fire Rating - ASTM E-648
Smoke Density - ≤450, ASTM E-662
Static Load Resistance - 550 psi, ASTM F-970
Recycled Content - 70% (min. 50% post-consumer)
Air Quality - CA Prop. 1350 IEQ Protocol
Meets Requirement for LEED IEQ - MAS Certified Green®
Quality System - ISO 9001
Use of FreeSTyle flooring can contribute to points in the
following categories
· Materials and Resources
· Regional Materials
· Indoor Environmental Quality
· Innovation Credit
All SelecTech flooring products are interlocking floor tiles. FreeStyle tiles are 18.5” x 18.5” or 2.38 square feet (47.0 cm x 47.0 cm or 0.22 square meters) per tile. Due to the large tile size, use a waste/contingency factor of between 3% and 5% when estimating a job. A plastic deadblow mallet should be used for joining tiles. Use of a vinyl tile cutting tool or saw is required for cutting around obstacles. All SelecTech flooring products are free-lay systems that do not require adhesives and may be installed over concrete, wood, asbestos tile, rubber, vinyl composite tiles and other standard floors. A 1/4” (6.35 mm) gap around the perimeter should be left to allow for expansion and contraction. See FreeStyle Installation Guides for additional instructions.
SelecTech flooring products can be cleaned with neutral or other readily available cleaners using a mop or sponge or with a power scrubber or buffer equipped with a white pad. See FreeStyle Maintenance Guide for additional instructions.
SelecTech flooring products are backed by a 5-year limited warranty against wear and a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Unlike many other flooring products, warranties on SelecTech flooring products are NOT VOIDED because of problems caused by moisture and hydrostatic pressure in the subfloor; or by buyer’s failure to use manufacturer’s specified adhesive.