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Where to Use Industrial Tile?

Electronics Manufacturing Flooring

It’s not every day that you hunt for industrial vinyl tiles for your commercial space, and FreeStyle’s SelecTile interlocking flooring might be the perfect answer for your business. FreeStyle flooring options are not only created with recycled materials (MAS Certified Green) and come in a variety of colors/finishes – they are also an ideal addition to many industrial settings because of its very specific and beneficial characteristics.


Depending on established production standards, your floors might have to meet specific needs or qualifications. Luckily, SelecTile works with these standards in mind. We can easily install over problem floors and subfloors, and the tile is resistant to most solvents, chemicals, abrasions, and can directly move or get ready for removal.

Shipping and warehouse

When we create SelecTile, we want to ensure that the flooring can withstand the usual wear and tear you would find in an industrial setting such as these. Our tiles can withstand point-loads up to 1,000 PSI. That means forklifts, pallet jacks, carts, and other tools similar are no match for the strength of our tiles.


SelecTile requires minimal floor preparation, can be installed extremely fast, and withstands the heavy traffic you might find at a university or a retail store. Not to mention it is easy to maintain and clean, which makes every interaction with our floors simple.  

Finding industrial-grade, interlocking flooring for your commercial project might be difficult, but we know once you invest in SelecTile, you’ll never want to use another removable floor again. If you have more questions, contact us today by calling (508) 583-3200.