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Characteristics of Great Lab Flooring

Scientific research and study can quickly be interrupted by many outside factors. For that, we must eliminate the possibility of our presumably controlled variables interfering with our work. FreeStyle’s BioLock flooring comes from SelecTech, a company that works vigorously to create flooring options for plenty of industries that will not interrupt their day-to-day operations. We have learned a lot about what characteristics make for great lab flooring, and how BioLock can meet those expectations.

Easy to clean and maintain

A lab must be clean, always. Being able to keep your lab in excellent condition makes for a better work environment for all. BioLock is low maintenance, commercial grade, has a no-wax finish, and contains a waterproof seam sealer. These qualities make for 100% liquid-tight vinyl flooring, but still removable and reusable.

Safe and comfortable for employees

Being stuck in a lab all day can quickly create achy feet and close quarters. BioLock’s patented backing system helps with superior comfort for your feet, sound reduction, and is fully sustainable. It meets CA 1350 Indoor Air Quality Control, is MAS Certified Green, and is both 100% recyclable and 100% reusable.

Quick installation

Being able to get back to your work as quickly as possible is what is important to us, and our tiles give you that option. Our patented, glueless “zipper” interlock tiles make for easy installation. With minimal subfloor prep and installs over existing floors, you will significantly refuse downtime when you invest in the install.

We know that choosing a flooring for your labs isn’t easy, and we would love to help. FreeStyle loves to interact with clients who are as passionate about their work as much as we are about our tile. Just contact us to speak to one of our experts. We promise it will be worth it.

Please call FreeStyle at (508) 583-3200.