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Clean Room Flooring: The Truth in Static

As a leader in innovative clean room flooring, SelecTech delves into the truths behind anti and static control flooring systems.

Industrial Flooring: A New Look for a New Future

Industrial flooring requirements have come a long way. Here, we look at a few ways SelecTech is keeping up with the demands.

Product Highlight: Floating Floors & Why We Love Them

There’s a reason why everyone wants to install easy, durable flooring. Here’s everything you need to know about floating floors.

The AIA is Looking at Sustainable Flooring from SelecTech

Static control, sustainably and a recognition from the AIA. What more could you ask for?

Healthcare Floors That Meet Requirements for Temporary Facilities

Healthcare flooring plays a more integral role in today’s world than ever before. Here is a look at how BioLock is contributing to the cause.

Commercial Flooring for Cannabis Laboratories. An Inside Look

Every lab has it’s requirements. Here’s how BioLock is standing up to the cannabis industry requirements.

Commercial Flooring You Can Feel Good About

Introducing the newest, most innovative commercial flooring solution yet.

2 Considerables For Laboratory Flooring

Keeping your workplace a safe, ergonomically friendly one is easier than you may have thought. Here’s a closer look.

The Cannabis Industry: A Demand For Flooring For Labs

Establishing a cannabis lab is no easy task. We’re here to help.

Do You Need School Flooring? You Found the Ultimate Solution.

On a mission to find dependable school flooring that provides the most benefits while sticking to the budget? Welcome to FreeStyle by SelecTech.