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The Cannabis Industry: A Demand For Flooring For Labs

Establishing a cannabis lab is no easy task. We’re here to help.

Do You Need School Flooring? You Found the Ultimate Solution.

On a mission to find dependable school flooring that provides the most benefits while sticking to the budget? Welcome to FreeStyle by SelecTech.

Healthcare Floors: The Wants Versus the Needs

Healthcare flooring is of the utmost importance. Here are a few factors that you should never have to compromise.

The Ultimate Industrial Flooring Has Arrived: PolyStyle

SelecTech is proud to introduce the most innovative, functional, and protective industrial flooring on the market. Welcome PolyStle.

Floating Floors Over Carpet? Yes Yes Yes!

Horrific leased space carpet got you down? Good thing we’re here to save the day with quick and easy installation OVER the carpet! Yes, you read that correctly.

ESD Access Flooring For Hospitals – Is It The Right Choice?

The use of ESD access flooring for hospitals and treatment centers is catching the eye of many people these days. However much the trend is increasing, this is far from new to the engineers at SelecTech. In fact, access flooring for hospitals is something we’ve advocated for quite some time. One of the primary reasons […]

Access Flooring For Kaleida Women & Children’s Hospital

Requiring little downtime, sustainability, appeal, and underfoot comfort, FreeStyle access flooring made the cut for this hospital renovation.

ESD Access Flooring: The Ultimate For Robotics & Distribution

Robotics are the wave of the future, and the innovators at SelecTech have the solutions your operations require.

Industrial Flooring: 3 Things To Consider Before Making the Purchase

You need industrial flooring that you can rely on to protect your equiptment while providing little interruption to productivity. Good thing you found SelecTech.

Access Flooring Covering Solutions that Make a Difference

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, FreeStyle Flooring is the ideal resource for access flooring covering solutions. Created with a blend of durable recycled plastics, our company is committed to sustainability. Therefore, you’ll not only be receiving a product that provides easy installation and maintenance but one that is helping to better our environment. Here’s […]