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Access Flooring Covering Solutions that Make a Difference

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Designed for commercial and industrial applications, FreeStyle Flooring is the ideal resource for access flooring covering solutions. Created with a blend of durable recycled plastics, our company is committed to sustainability. Therefore, you’ll not only be receiving a product that provides easy installation and maintenance but one that is helping to better our environment. Here’s how:


Maximum Recycled Content

From our conception, FreeStyle Flooring has been a leader in recycling waste plastics. With the environment in mind, our engineers have developed a flooring solution to maximize recycled content while providing an outlet for waste materials, our flooring solutions are the most innovative in the industry.


Adhesive Free

Furthermore, our innovative design eliminates the need for installation adhesives. What does this mean for the environment? Well, with the elimination of adhesives, you’re removing the potential for solvent emissions. As an assurance, our products contain the MAS Certified Green logo. This logo comes with the promise that the products are certified for low VOC emissions. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, not only contain properties that may have short and long-term health effects, but they can also increase gaseous pollutants that result in smog.


Cradle-to-Cradle Recovery

But, we don’t stop there. Committed to keeping our flooring solution out of landfills, SelecTech’s proprietary manufacturing processes allows us to take back products at the end of their useful life, and then reuse them in the production of new flooring solutions. With sustainability in mind, the Cradle to Cradle Reuse Program came to life. Click here for more details.


LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is an internationally recognized, green building certification program. The system provides building owners with a framework for implementing environmentally friendly solutions. There are four levels of certification based on a point system. And, you guessed it, the use of FreeStyle Flooring products can help contribute to LEED points. More specifically, they can contribute up to 5 points in the Material & Resources category, as well as 2 points towards Regional Materials.


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Manufactured in the United States, FreeStyle Flooring solutions provide the access flooring covering solutions that your business needs. Since 1993, our company has strived towards creating innovative solutions for your business that offer ease while keeping the environment in mind. For more information, contact our team of professionals at 508-583-3200.