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Access Flooring: How to Become Certified Green

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At SelecTech, we’re proud of the fact that we do everything we can to reduce the impact our access flooring and other products have on the environment. We’ve implemented recycling programs for our products, and we make many of our FreeStyle products from recycled materials. But we also try our best to stay green during our manufacturing process by becoming a company that makes MAS Certified Green products. The process of becoming MAS Certified Green has multiple steps, and we’re going to walk you through them.


Here’s a closer look at what it took to make our access flooring products Certified Green.


Consultation and Application

We start by getting in touch with the team at Materials Analytic Services (MAS) to consult with their experts about how they test our products. During that consultation, the MAS team helps us identify the products they are going to test based on our manufacturing process, the materials in our products, and how our products are used. The goal is to certify the maximum number of products with the minimum number of tests. Once we have worked out which tests will be done on which products, we submit those products to MAS for emissions testing.


Testing and Certification

MAS’s emissions tests fall into two categories: static tests and dynamic tests. Both types of tests identify the quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that products release into an indoor environment. Static tests derive their results from flash emissions. Flash emissions are VOCs released when the product is exposed to temperature increases or pressure decreases.

During a dynamic test (or chamber test), the product is placed in an inert chamber. The testers then monitor the off-gassed emissions over a period of time. They set up the chamber to replicate the indoor ventilation of various building environments. The advantage of this method is that it allows the testers to predict future emissions by establishing a decay curve for the products they are testing.


FreeStyle by SelecTech: Certified Green Access Flooring Products

If the products pass the emissions tests, they receive Green certification from MAS. FreeStyle products by SelecTech passed the tests and are MAS Certified Green. Our access flooring products are safe to use in any environment. When you use our products, you’re doing right by the planet and the workers and visitors to your building.


Contact our team at 508-583-3200 to learn more about products and green initiatives.