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Do You Need School Flooring? You Found the Ultimate Solution.

school flooring


With the new school year drawing near, many schools are finalizing upgrades and maintenance needs. When you consider one of the most used and abused elements of an educational facility, you quickly understand the need for new school flooring. Similar to choosing flooring for a lab, schools have many of the same considerations.

FreeStyle by SelecTech is an excellent option when researching the most effective, protective, sustainable, and affordable flooring option for your school. Here’s why.



Nature’s elements are no match for FreeStyle.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of students and faculty walking the school floors every year, having a durable flooring solution is a must. Designed to withstand the usual wear and tear while offering easy replacement should the need arise, FreeStyle is designed to withstand the toughest of Nature’s elements.


Got labs? Even better.

When you consider the experiments and interactive work completed in a school lab, one thing is for certain. That thing is the high probability of spills and other abrasive materials hitting your floor. Thus, it’s imperative to select flooring that provides liquid-tight properties for easy and effective cleanups.


Yes, we said liquid-tight.

While labs are certainly an environment that benefits from liquid-tight flooring, this feature is desirable for the entire environment. From hallways to dining areas, easy to clean and maintain floors are a must. Besides, when you install liquid-tight, you can also have peace of mind against mold growth in the subfloor. Ease of cleaning, low maintenance, and ensuring a healthy building for all – what else could you ask for?


FreeStyle school flooring is slip-resistant and comfortable!

The comfort and safety of those in the school building are a top priority. At SelecTech, we help prevent slip and fall accidents caused by water and other liquids with our unique interlocking floating floor system. With built-in underlayment, you not only have a safer solution, but one that provide underfoot comfort as well!


Most schools operate on a tight budget. Thus, when it comes to selecting school flooring, having a solution that offers longevity and dependability is a must.

Contact the experts at SelecTech today by calling (508) 583-3200 and discover the only flooring solution you’ll ever need.