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Benefits of Commercial Floating Floors in Salons

commercial floating floors

When designing, or redesigning, a salon, there are three elements to keep in mind when choosing flooring: durability, maintenance, and comfort. Commercial floating floors from FreeStyle is the perfect solution for all three of these categories. This article will cover each element and go into further detail on how this flooring can benefit your salon. Not to mention, it comes in a variety of stone and wood patterns. Thus, no matter what your overall aesthetic is, we have the perfect seamless fit to match your salon.



Think about the last time you entered a salon. Chances are, you were greeted by an immaculate atmosphere of elegance and simplicity. From trendy décor to shiny floors, salons are deceiving. Although they make immaculate look easy, they have some of the most abused floors. From constant foot traffic to dropped hair dye and bleach, salon floors require durability.

FreeStyle flooring was created to withstand the ins and outs of everyday wear and tear. The strength and durability of this flooring will help in keeping your flooring looking new for years to come. Further, our floating floors are also resistant to stains. A perfect combination for the salon environment.



As with any type of flooring, commercial floating floors will also require maintenance. However, the unique combination of environmentally friendly materials makes FreeStyle commercial flooring moisture resistant, as well. Waterproof, anti-microbial, chemical and stain resistant composition are just a few more of the benefit this flooring will provide your salon. Thus, the occasional soap and water will suffice for cleaning. The days of harsh chemicals and scrubbing floors are gone.

Because all salons are different, some may require more maintenance than others. Floor colors and foot traffic are considerations in the proper care plan for your floor. For more information on the required care of floating flooring, click here.



Designed to install over any existing floor easily, FreeStyle commercial flooring adds a layer of comfort underfoot. This is imperative in an industry where workers are on their feet all day. Superior flooring combined with the right footwear ensures your employees are receiving the best ergonomic support possible.

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For more information on the styles and designs of our commercial floating floors, contact the experts at SelecTec today. We loving making visions come to life. Contact us today at (508) 583-3200.