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Commercial Flooring for Cannabis Laboratories. An Inside Look

flooring for laboratories

When it comes to commercial flooring for laboratories, selecting the right product depends on the environment’s specific needs. For example, when considering the cannabis industry, the undeniable growth rate of labs across the country has placed an ever-growing need for unique flooring solutions.

At SelecTech, the FreeStyle BioLock product line is designed with varying laboratory environments in mind. However different the individual needs may be, these floors are exceeding expectations. Here is a closer look.


First, let’s talk about concrete.

When it comes to commercial construction, concrete flooring dominates the scene. Resistant to fire and water, concrete appears a solid solution at first glance. And don’t get us wrong, this type of flooring is perfect in many situations. However, when it comes to the cannabis industry, several challenges arise.

The first and most significant concern surrounds the porous nature of concrete. In grow rooms and laboratories, high humidity levels and frequent watering contribute to the deconstruction of the concrete’s integrity. Of course, the situation is avoidable with proper sealing and maintenance, but that requires extensive planning and downtime. And, let’s face it, who has time for that?

Beyond the decomposition, this situation also opens the door for microbe proliferation, which is obviously an unwelcome factor with federal regulations and codes.


Now, let’s look at some options.

Well, one option really – BioLock. At SelecTech, our engineers work tirelessly to create flooring for cannabis laboratories that exceed the bar on all levels. Below you will find some of the most significant benefits provided by SelecTech:


  • Fast Installation: Whether upgrading, performing maintenance, or repairing your flooring, downtime in the laboratory setting is disruptive. With BioLock, customers are presented with one of the most straightforward and simplest installation methods on the market. Your daily routine can continue as needed by eliminating prep, adhesives, and VOCs while the new flooring is installed.
  • Seamless watertight seal. From the cannabis to the healthcare industry, laboratories come together with one universal need – a watertight flooring solution. Preventing chemical spills, water, and other fluids from seeping into the subflooring, BioLock creates one of the most durable and sustainable surfaces on the market. This property is especially desirable when considering the high humidity levels of cannabis grow rooms.


At SelecTech, our engineers work tirelessly to create flooring for laboratories across all platforms. No matter what the specific environment requires, BioLock will exceed the expectations. For more information or to order your flooring sample, please contact our team today by calling (508) 583-3200.


When it comes to the ideal flooring for cannabis laboratories, look no further than FreeStyle by SelecTech.