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How Our Floating Floors Are Helping the Cannabis Industry

floating floors

If you missed our recent newsletter, we talked about a recent installation of floating floors at Red Mesa Science and Refining. The 4,000 square foot building in St. George, Utah, is home to one of the country’s top producers and distributors of premium quality, FDA-grade cannabidiol products to consumer brands, manufacturers, and end-users. With strict regulations in a fast-growing industry, why did Red Mesa turn to SelecTech for their flooring? Well, we’re about to tell you.

Why SelecTech for floating floors?

Red Mesa chose SelecTile ESD product for several reasons. One of the first, and primary reasons are that the company previously had an epoxy flooring product in their lab. The epoxy flooring did not hold up to some of the chemicals being used. Under rigid operating guidelines, this type of laboratory takes measures to ensure the safety of the product and the workers. A flooring solution that allows chemicals to penetrate to the subfloor level won’t cut the mark.

The second factor in Red Mesa’s considerations was the level of protection needed within their facility. ESD flooring protects not only lab equipment but also the sensitive electronics in the laboratory from static electricity. Often, sensitive environments that hold static electricity within the room experience uncontrolled results.

SelecTile EDS flooring met the needs of Red Mesa on both counts. This is not even mentioning the quick installation that created little to no downtime within the building.

Just how strict are these regulations?

For those unfamiliar with the regulations governing the world of CBD manufacturers and distributors, we’d like to take a moment to give you a brief overview of a few held from Red Mesa alone.

Certifications from the Department of Agriculture and Food for growing
ISO 9001:2015 certified
cGMP certification
Kosher certification
Halal certification
Pharmaceutical-level Quality Management Systems
Commercial-grade analytical laboratory
Regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Food R68-29, R68-30
Testing according to specifications listed on R68-29

As you can see, being chosen by a company under such tight operations is quite the compliment.

At SelecTech, our SelecTile ESD line is one of the most sought after products in various laboratories around the country. From cannabidiol products to NASA’s highly scientific labs, our floating floors deliver reliability you can count on.

For more information, contact SelecTech today by calling (508) 583-3200.