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Choosing the Right Sustainable Flooring

sustainable flooring

There are several options available on the market when it comes to sustainable flooring products for clean room environments. So, how do you choose the best flooring for your needs and requirements? One aspect to consider is the carbon footprint your flooring creates. Although many people believe the cost of sustainable projects is too high, the long-term benefits and savings far outweigh the upfront price tag.


Here, the experts at SelecTech look at two of the top reasons to place FreeStyle sustainable flooring at the top of your list.


Going Green

MAS (Material Analytics Services) created its Certified Green Leaf trademark to provide consumers with an easy way to identify better products for you and the planet. Products with the green leaf logo, like those at SelecTech, significantly reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air. If you’re not familiar with VOCs, the short version is that they have been proven to cause several short and long-term health effects and increase gaseous pollutants that result in smog. 


Looking Ahead

When comparing products, it’s hard not to pay attention to the price tag. However, what many companies fail to consider is the long-term. Sure, you can save a few dollars now, but what is the realistic longevity of the product you are considering? Instead of considering the now, consider the future. Sustainability isn’t the only thing we care about at SelecTech. We’re also committed to providing our customers with a quality product that will save them money on maintenance, repairs, and replacements down the road.


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Sustainable Flooring from FreeStyle by SelecTech

By going with a flooring solution that will last a few years before it begins to wear down, you’ll find yourself doubling what you spent on replacement or repairs. By considering spending the extra money to invest in a high-quality product now, your long-term cost will be far less than the immediate cost.

At SelecTech, we make our sustainable flooring using recycled material that is 100% recyclable. Thus, the company’s products become an even greener choice by employing a breakthrough interlocking technology that other companies do not offer. This technology enables you to bypass the need for less than environmentally friendly adhesives and the preparation time needed for installation.


Contact our team at 508-583-3200 for more information on our sustainable flooring products.