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Clean Room Flooring: The Truth in Static

clean room flooring

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear at SelecTech concerns anti static and static control. While the differences may not matter to some environments, when it comes to clean room flooring, the two terms are drastically different. Here, the experts at SelecTech delve a bit deeper into the differences between anti static and static control, and the solutions offered.


Anti Static 

Anti static is one of the weakest forms of static control. Yes, you read that correctly. Products that promote themselves as anti static are intended to prevent individuals from being shocked, not your sensitive equipment. And while this is important, in many instances, businesses need to ensure that not only is the individual but also the equipment is protected.


Static Control

On the other side, static control flooring protects environments that are sensitive to interference and damage from electrostatic discharge. In clean rooms controlling particles in the air is critical. By implementing electrostatic attraction within the flooring system, particle collection is prevented. However, consideration of the ESD characteristics within the floor also play a role in maintaining the ideal levels of static control.


For instance, clean room flooring generally requires static control, the ability to withstand chemical spills, and extreme durability. FreeStyle ESD™ Interlocking Flooring is a conductive vinyl solution that provides not only these characteristics, but also an attractive surface. 


cleanroom flooring


Clean Room Flooring that Works

As a leader in innovative clean room flooring, SelecTech takes pride in offering solutions that work. From static control to chemical resistance, the company also places environmental focus in every step taken. FreeStyle ESD™is manufactured with a minimum of 20% recycled materials, contributes to LEED™ points, is MAS Certified Green, and is eligible for SelecTech’s Takeback Program.

For more information on the industrial industry’s preferred clean room flooring, please contact SelecTech at 508-583-3200.