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Cleanroom Flooring: FAQs and Answers

cleanroom flooring

When it comes to choosing cleanroom flooring, several features should be on your must-have list. A flooring solution that provides a static-free environment, sterile conditions, easy maintenance, and durability proves ideal in controlled areas. 

Here at SelecTech, we strive to provide our customers with the best and easiest solutions. We thought it helpful to provide you with a few commonly asked questions. 

What is the life expectancy of your flooring?

Ideally, the ESD properties will last as long as the tile does, but sometimes accidents happen. However, SelecTech stands behind our flooring products. When installed and maintained according to our installation and maintenance guidance, we provide an extensive warranty. For example, a 10-year warranty against wear on our FreeStyle ESD™ flooring, as well as a lifetime performance warranty is offered to our customers. Additionally, our interlocking flooring allows for easy replacement of damaged tiles to reinstate the ESD properties without removing large sections of the floor. 


Check out our latest video to see how easy it is to remove a FreeStyle ESD tile from the middle of a floor.

Can you install SelecTech flooring over an existing floor?

Not all ESD flooring is equal, so this answer can vary between companies. However, here at SelecTech, we have the only interlocking tile system with no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular, or problem subfloors. So, yes, you sure can install our floor over your existing flooring! 

The unique design of our interlocking system allows installation over an existing floor to be completed without adhesives or other time-consuming steps. Thus, your cleanroom can obtain the ideal flooring with minimal disruption to the work area.


How will your clean room flooring benefit us?

As the equipment in cleanrooms becomes more sophisticated, it’s also becoming more sensitive to interference and damage from electrostatic discharge. In areas where dust particles and other pollutants contaminate the job at hand, choosing to floor with ESD characteristics is imperative. With the ability to withstand chemicals and prevent particle collection by electrostatic attraction, StaticStop is your solution. 

Click here to check out our full line of options that can be used in Class 0 environments.

For more information on why you should choose FreeStyle for your cleanroom flooring, please contact the team at SelecTech today by calling (508) 583-3200.