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ESD Access Flooring: The Ultimate For Robotics & Distribution

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With much of the world transitioning into robotics to fulfill daily operations, controlling static at all levels becomes of the highest importance. Static can quickly and easily disrupt sensitive equipment, halting all productivity. As one can imagine, such an occurrence could be devasting to a company. However, with the innovative ESD access flooring created by SelecTech, you can put these concerns aside.

Founded in 1994, SelecTech is a nationally recognized environmental, recycling, and ESD organization. With innovative technologies and the ability to produce environmentally friendly, high-performance ESD flooring, our company quickly became one of the most trusted names in robotics, distribution, and warehouse environments.


Cost-Effective ESD Access Flooring.

Upgrades are an inevitable element of a business’ success. However, many upgrades require budgeting, board approval, and lengthy downtimes. All time-consuming elements that utilize resources that could otherwise be used in operations and/or production.

With the proprietary technologies and equipment of SelecTech, turning waste plastics into commercially viable access flooring is possible at nearly half the cost of the competition. A win-win situation in all aspects.



Installation Where You Need It.


Another significant benefit of choosing SelecTech for your needs is the little to no downtime required for installation. With an interlocking solution, the need for a complete shutdown is removed. Instead, you have control as to where and when your new flooring is installed.

Such empowerment allows you to structure the installation of your protective flooring around jobs. Thus, maintaining the highest levels of production. Furthermore, this simple, cost-effective solution doesn’t have to be installed throughout your working environment. Instead, you can budget and protect the areas requiring static control without spending money on the areas that do not.



Did we mention our flooring is environmentally friendly?


With low VOC emissions and an epoxy-free installation, SelecTech flooring surpasses all other options. All of our flooring is certified MAS Green, passing stringent testing on multiple levels. Made from recycled plastics, our company is also proud to offer a take-back program to keep used flooring out of landfills.


If your company relies upon robotics for daily production, static control is not an option. For more information on ESD access flooring from SelecTech and how they could potentially save you thousands of dollars, please contact our team of experts by calling 508.583.3200.