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Floating Floors: Easier Installation Than You Ever Imagined

floating floors

Whether residential or commercial, installing traditional flooring is a tedious and time-consuming task. First, one must remove the old flooring, leaving behind residue from adhesives and other hazardous solvents. Once the flooring is removed, cracks or irregularities in the subfloor may need attention before the new floor is installed. Finally, you’ll be at the stage of installation, which, depending on the materials, can be a lengthy process as well.

The entire process of installing new flooring can halt production, but is unavoidable – until now. Floating floors, like FreeStyle flooring here at SelecTech, are not only time and cost-effective solutions, but they also provide easy installation.


Quick, easy installation – even with problematic subflooring.

Floating floors are designed for easy installation by eliminating the use of adhesives. With interlocking pieces, your business is up and running with little to no downtime, even over problematic subflooring. Furthermore, with FreeStyle flooring, you can tackle one section at a time, so the need for clearing equipment from large spaces is also eliminated.

This flooring is perfect for pop-up laboratories, warehouses, and other healthcare, industrial or commercial spaces that require innovative solutions without the lengthy installation process – all while meeting FDA requirements.


Downtime means money

FreeStyle flooring is installed over existing flooring, which eliminates the need to remove the old flooring. Thus, solving many problems concerning both time and money. Installation time is significantly reduced, with little to no preparation work. Furthermore, floating floors also take away the possibility of uncovering subfloor damage. All factors which lead to budget savings through less downtime and labor-intensive costs.


Style with benefits

BioLock flooring is available in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit seamlessly into any environment. Our standard line of options is available for shipping in as little as one week. However, if our standard options don’t speak to you, the special order line can also be installed in an area of at least 2,500 square feet – perfect for your office or retail space!


Be sure to read our article highlighting the multiple benefits of BioLock Flooring. Here,  you’ll also find a video of our president showing just how quick and easy installation is!


commercial interlocking flooring


At SelecTech, we understand how important it is to make the most of your time. FreeStyle flooring’s short installation process brings all the speed of traditional floating floors and the high-quality materials you expect from SelecTech.

Contact SelecTech at (508) 583-3200 to find out more about how we can help speed your project along!