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Healthcare Floors That Meet Requirements for Temporary Facilities

healthcare floors

Not that long ago, in keeping up with the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary facilities popped up around the country. Relieving hospitals from some of the burdens, these facilities functioned as stand-alone clinics. However, these clinics had to operate under many of the same guidelines. One guideline in particular included healthcare floors.

As leaders in the manufacture of innovative flooring products, SelecTech is proud to offer floating floors. These floors offer fast installation over existing surfaces with little to no preparation. Beyond the quick, easy installation, customers can also expect to find beneficial features such as slip-resistance, and liquid-tight seams. Furthermore, when the floor is no longer needed, SelecTech continues to innovate with the Take-Back recycling program.



Under the FDA requirement 21 CFR 211.42-C10 (i), the flooring used in temporary healthcare facilities needs to be “easily cleanable.” FreeStyle BioLock flooring meets the FDA requirement in durability and easy maintenance with its liquid-tight seals making cleanup of any substance an easy task. Furthermore, without the ability to penetrate the surface, workers can have peace of mind that spills, remain on the floor’s surface until cleaned.

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“The timetable in which these testing labs and clinics are needed makes the speed of installation a key component of choosing a floor,” said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech, Inc. “Because our floor can be installed over existing flooring with little or no downtime or no subfloor prep, it makes it a perfect selection for temporary or permanent lab and healthcare facilities.”

“BioLock flooring is also reusable and recyclable. So, when the temporary need is over, the tiles can either be reused in another location or recycled back into new BioLock. We offer a take-back program to provide the users an easy way to repurpose the tiles when they are done with them and keep them out of the waste stream,” said Ricciardelli. “This is an important consideration when choosing flooring for these temporary facilities. When the need is over, the waste generated from conventional flooring could be overwhelming. BioLock is the most sensible alternative for this type of application.”



For more information on healthcare floors that your establishment can rely on, or to request a sample of FreeStyle BioLock, contact our team at (508) 583-3200.