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Flooring For Schools

access floor

If you’ve ever been involved in school renovations, you understand what an immense undertaking this can be. Not only do you need to keep the safety of your students and staff at the forefront, but budget and productivity are significant elements of the project as well. Access floors are a perfect solution for any renovation, especially schools. Here at FreeStyle Flooring, we have the flooring solutions your renovation needs. Here’s why:


Little down time

Instead of installing expensive and time-consuming tile or wood flooring, consider interlocking tiles. This type of access floor is easily and quickly installed over the existing flooring. Thus, the installation time is a quarter of what traditional flooring would be, and down time is minimal. Not only is installation time minimized, but the hands needed for installation are significantly reduced as well. So you end up with a faster, cheaper installation process.


Epoxy free solution

Several flooring solutions rely on epoxy for binding. However, with FreeStyle, we’ve created a solution that is just as, if not more durable than your traditional flooring, without the use of epoxy. This allows your new floor to be installed quickly since the need for drying time is eliminated. More so, you’re providing your students and staff with a safer alternative as any subfloor issues will be locked below the surface.


school flooring


The interlocking flooring at FreeStyle provides a comfortable yet tough solution for your school. With hundreds, if not thousands of feet, walking upon the floor each day, your school needs a flooring solution that withstands the harshest environment. From scuff-resistance to locking out subfloor moisture, our flooring options were built to withstand whatever the day may throw at them. Science lab spills? No problem with FreeStyle.



When undergoing a renovation, the choices you make need to be the right ones as it may be a choice that lasts for thirty years. Thus, you’ll want to go with a company that provides you with a wide variety of options to choose from. Here at FreeStyle, our flooring options come in a wide range of colors and styles. Hoping for wood? No problem. Or perhaps you’d like a stylish tile look. No problem. Our commercial flooring solutions have no minimum order requirements and are guaranteed to have the look you’re searching for.



We’re excited to announce that FreeStyle commercial flooring is part of the renovation at Durfee High School in Fall River, MA. Access floors are the perfect solution for time-sensitive projects. For more information on why FreeStyle commercial flooring is the right solution for your next renovation, contact our team at (508) 583-3200.