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Hair Dye


Stain Testing On FreeStyle Commercial Resilient Tile

  • Hair salons use deeply pigmented, strong chemical hair dyes that can be spilled on the floor during normal operations.
  • Such spills cause permanent staining on many common floor surfaces.

The purpose of these tests is to determine the staining effects of commonly used hair dye if spilled on FreeStyle flooring products

Products Tested

  • FreeStyle is an adhesive free, modular, resilient vinyl floor tile
  • Test were performed on two FreeStyle colors representing the lighter and darker range of FreeStyle color offerings
❖Cherry Block
Hair Dye Stain Testing
Hair Dye Stain Testing

Dyes Tested
Stain Testing was performed using three Matrix Socolor Hair Dyes

  • Ultra Blonde Violet Violet (UL-VV)
  • High Definition Red Red (HD-RR)
  • Dark Brown Neutral Ash (DA- 504NA)

Dyes were blended with Cream Developer in ratios specified in the instructions for each

Hair Dye Stain Testing

Test Procedure 1-3-6 Hours

  • One of each tile color was used to test each of the 3 color hair dyes.
  • Three, 6 inch areas were masked off on each tile and marked “1 hour”, “3 hours” and “6 hours”

A heavy coat of dye was applied to each masked area with a putty knife. The time of application was recorded.


After 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours the dye was removed from each designated area, first by scraping heavy amounts up with a putty knife, then cleaning with a sponge/3m green pad using Zep Industrial Cleaner, Purple Concentrate, diluted @ 6:1.

Test Procedure 24 Hours
A second round of tests was conducted to determine the effects on each tile surface of 24 Hour exposure to each of the three dyes. Another area was masked off on each tile and the same dyes were applied, then removed 24 hours later. The dye mixing, application and removal methods were identical to the 1- 3-6 hour tests.


Test Results: At the end of 6 hours all areas of each tile were again cleaned with Purple Concentrate. Tape was removed from 2 sides of each taped area to highlight any staining that would have been evident.