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Healthcare Floors: The Wants Versus the Needs

healthcare floors

Regardless of the times, healthcare floors have its own set of needs. As you can probably already guess, healthcare requirements are much different from the flooring requirement at other types of business. For instance, a salon floor will require some of the same properties to ensure optimal safety, but the requirements are not rigorous. Here, our experts from SelecTech are looking at a few things to keep in mind when deciding what your healthcare facility flooring needs versus want you simply may just want.



One of the top priorities in a healthcare environment is safety. Thus, having a flooring solution that helps reduce the number of slip and fall accidents becomes imperative. Whether wet or dry, the floor should have a proper amount of friction to keep people upright. This element also becomes critical when one considers facilities in which the elderly and those with walking disabilities reside.



Beyond the aesthetic reason to keep a floor clean, healthcare floors specifically require the highest levels of care and sanitization. Chemicals, laboratory samples, bodily fluids, and other contaminants can quickly infect those around. Thus, having a floor that prevents seepage and offers anti-microbial properties is a must.



Possibly one of the most overlooked categories when it comes t healthcare needs is comfort. While many assume this category to be a ‘want’ – having underfoot comfort is, without doubt, a need. Healthcare employees spend the majority, if not the entirety of their day on their feet standing and walking. Without the proper support, several health issues can arise with the staff, leaving the facility in an unfortunate predicament.


Easy Replacement

Let’s face it; nothing lasts forever. This is especially true when you consider a floor that experiences high traffic day in and day out. However, if a portion of the floor is damaged, people are faced with the inconvenience of closing an area of the facility to replace the entire floor. Not an ideal situation by any means.


When it comes to healthcare floors, FreeStyle BioLock provides the solutions every facility needs. From quick ‘zipper’ interlocking installation for minimal to no disruption to a superior backing system for underfoot comfort, your needs will be met.

For more information on BioLock, please contact the team at SelecTech today by calling (508) 583-3200.