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Industrial Flooring: 3 Things To Consider Before Making the Purchase

industrial flooring

It’s inevitable that the time will come when new industrial flooring is in the horizon. At SelecTech, if we can offer one piece of advice, it would be to remember that your new flooring is more than a budgeting choice. It is an investment for your business. Choosing the cheapest option could end up costing you much more in the future.

While finding an industrial flooring solution that meets your budget is essential, it also needs to meet other criteria. For example, your flooring needs to handle the stresses and requirements of the everyday environment. These elements combines are the only solution to provide you the most value for your money. At SelecTech, we happen to know a thing or two about industrial flooring options, which is why we’d like to present you with these items to keep in mind.


Preparation and install downtime

Once the time has come for new flooring, one of the biggest concerns is often the downtime involved with installation. As you already know, a few hours (or days) of delay can significantly impact your production time. The last thing you want is to fall behind on meeting customer deadlines. Because of this, it’s crucial to research and ask questions concerning preparation requirements and downtime involved with the installation process. By doing so, you’ll not only make a well-informed decision, but you can also prepare for the road ahead.


Long-term durability

In most industrial environments, heavy foot traffic and machinery use are part of everyday happenings. With this in mind, you may find certain flooring types don’t make the cut. If you’re replacing flooring in your industrial atmosphere, noting the wear patterns of the current flooring is a must. With this knowledge, you can ensure the highest levels of durability in the places you’ll need it the most.


Equipment and data protection

Dependent on your specific industry, you may need industry flooring that offers protection for sensitive equipment. For example, many industrial environments require static controlled flooring to remove static build-up. By doing so, you’re preventing potentially expensive damages and loss of data. Make sure you understand the full requirements of what your ideal floor should provide before committing to any solution.


If you’re finding yourself coming up short when searching for the perfect industrial flooring, look no further than SelecTech. Not only will you find the most affordable and durable industrial flooring solutions, but also the protective stain-resistant flooring. If that isn’t enough, you’ll be happy to know that StaticStop requires no preparation and little to no downtime for installation.

To learn more about the industry flooring solutions provided by SelecTech FreeStyle, contact our experts today by calling (508) 583-3200.