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Industrial Flooring: A New Look for a New Future

industrial flooring

In a world pivoting its focus, industrial flooring has become a hot topic. For instance, if you missed the February press release with President Biden and Jane Hunter, CEO of Tritium, some pretty exciting news was dropped. During the conference, it was announced that Tritium will break ground on its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Tennessee. This facility will house six production lines that will produce up to 30,000 Buy America-compliant DC Fast Chargers per year at peak production and create 500 local jobs. These efforts support the ever-growing electronic vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure within the United States. Production is planned to begin somewhere near the end of third quarter 2022.

So what does this news have to do with industrial flooring?


SelecTech is proud to announce its partnership with the facility in supplying all flooring with the innovative SelecTile ESD. With a vast array of options on the market, why did Tritium turn to SelecTech? Here, our experts delve a bit deeper into the question and provide you with a few takeaways for your company.


What is SelecTile ESD?

SelecTile ESD is a non-porous, flexible, durable flooring solution designed to sustain the heaviest of traffic. With this in mind, SelecTile becomes a forerunner for use in heavy duty, high-traffic industrial, manufacturing, institutional, and warehouse areas. By withstanding point-loads of up to 1,000 p.s.i,. the unique interlocking flooring also eliminates the need for adhesives. Thus it allows for a quick installation with minimal disruption.


Optional interlocking edges provide a finished edge for custom floor mat configurations. This not only allows our conductive floor coverings to achieve an unprecedented level of complete ESD protection, but to also aesthetically blend with any work environment. Speaking of aesthetics – the innovative features of SelecTile combined with the ability to customize flooring color were a primary factor in Tritium’s decision to join forces with SelecTech.


An Environmentally Smart Choice

Given the focus of the electric vehicle industry, selecting an industrial flooring solution with the same ideology becomes imperative. Made with a minimum of 20% recycled materials, SelecTile ESD is the only ESD conductive flooring that contributes to LEED Credits. 


SelecTech strives to achieve a higher level of social responsibility within the flooring industry.


Innovative, Customized Industrial Flooring

Industries that deal with manufacturing, shipping, warehouses, and transportation all face similar problems in selecting a viable flooring solution. With SelecTile ESD Interlocking Flooring, companies have the only ESD product with no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular and problematic subflooring. Combined with extreme durability and quick installation, adding a customized color that matches your company’s brand is just one more of the several benefits.

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SelecTech is a proven leader in industrial flooring solutions.


For more information on the industrial industry’s preferred flooring solution, please contact SelecTech at 508-583-3200.