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Interlocking ESD Tile for Flexible Lab Flooring

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The work that goes on in a lab changes all the time. A lab designated for one purpose might have something completely different happening in it a few months later. Research can take you down avenues you never anticipated, so it’s important to have a lab that can adapt to unexpected changes. Having lab flooring that is easy to install, remove, and reinstall is part of having a functional lab. That’s where interlocking ESD tile from FreeStyle comes in.


What is a flexible lab?

Let’s start at the beginning. What is a flexible lab? In short, a flexible lab is a lab that can be easily adapted or rearranged to meet the needs of different types of research. As researchers’ projects progress, their requirements in the lab change as well. Often, they do not have the time or resources to spend on bringing in a contractor to redo their lab. A flexible lab has features like adjustable cabinet configurations, adjustable work surface heights, and overheard connections for lab utilities.


Let’s look at why interlocking tiles are ideal for flexible lab flooring.


Flexible labs need flexible flooring.

Many lab environments require electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring to ensure that static electricity does not affect or interfere with their work and research. ESD flooring dissipates static charges away from equipment to limit interference. In some lab setups, it is not necessary to have ESD flooring throughout the entire lab. So what do you do when you need to reconfigure your lab? Are you stuck keeping your workstations that need to be on ESD flooring in the same place? Not with interlocking ESD flooring. You can easily remove the interlocking tiles and reinstall them in a different part of the lab. Flexible labs require flexible flooring, which is exactly what you’ll get from FreeStyle.


FreeStyle by SelecTech | Interlocking Lab Flooring

Researchers and lab workers across multiple industries rely on interlocking ESD lab flooring from FreeStyle. All FreeStyle products by SelecTech help workers in many important industries to build their products and perform groundbreaking research. We are proud of our role in these industries, and we are eager to assist all our customers to reach their full potential.


For more information on FreeStyle products from SelecTech, contact our team at 508-583-3200.