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2 Considerables For Laboratory Flooring

laboratory flooring

Knowingly or unknowingly, every day many jobs place employees at potential risk for injury.  Depending on the work environment, several precautions and factors can help to reduce these risks. For instance, ergonomics is a primary facotry in jobs that require long hours sitting and standing. Studying the risks and how to decrease them, helps place employees in a safer work environment. At SelecTech, our innovative laboratory flooring from FreeStyle takes these factors into consideration as we..

Created with the laboratory enivornment in mind, BioLock™ interlocking flooring helps bring many desirable features to the table.  Whether heavy-duty commercial or industrial applications, this flooring provides durability and resistance for employees and their environment.

Static Posture

Laboratory workers typically stand or sit in one location throughout the day.  Static posture can result in fatigue and even injury over a period of time.  Injuries can range from leg pain to back and neck injuries.  Thus, proper posture and quality footwear are essential in the role of these workers.  Beyond the mentioned, an employer can take safety to the next level when considering flooring for their business space.

Tested in several laboratory environments, FreeStyle interlocking flooring has proven a more comfortable resource than its competitors.  What is below your feet is just as important as what is on your feet.  A softer alternative to concrete and other hard surfaces, BioLock™, helps to absorb tension from the employee.

Task Repetitiveness

Another common factor for many workers, especially in laboratories, is task repetition.  Highly repetitive work in combination with poor posture often contributes to the formation of MSD. As one of the most extensivly reported workplace injuries, minimizing the risk for MSD is imperative. Many of the injuries disorders falling within this catetory affect tendons, blood vessels, nerves, etc. are commonly referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and degenerative disc disease. Implementing short breaks throughout the day will keep blood flowing while keeping your workers alert.


While these are just a few of a long list of potential workplace risks, taking the time to evaluate your workplace environment is crucial.  By considering BioLock™ for your laboratory flooring, you provide one of the most innovative, healthy, and ergonomically sound flooring solutions for your employees. And, a healthy environment means a more productive and healthy staff!

For more information on the benefits of SelecTech FreeStyle interlocking laboratory flooring, contact our experts today at (508) 583-3200.