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What Do You Need in a Playroom Floor?

Vinyl Flooring

It’s no surprise that we will find out all the things about our home that we love and hate just within a few
weeks of living in a new space. One question we get a lot at Place N’ Go is how our interlocking tiles work as a playroom flooring option. We love this question because we have taken a lot of time to understand what people are looking for on a playroom floor! So much so that we can tell you all the reasons Place N’ Go Tile is what you need for your space.


Let’s face it: our kid’s playroom flooring is going to take a beating. Between all of their usual activities and the nature of children, your flooring has to withstand all the foot stomping, tripping, spilling accidents, and more. Place N’ Go tile has a highly stain resistant wear layer made from vinyl. The layer helps it last long past your kid’s childhoods.


It is pretty standard for New England homes to utilize the basements for play and other common areas. With that, they need a flooring option that doesn’t feel like cold, hard cement. Place N’ Go interlocking tiles have a built-in underlayment that acts as a fantastic insulator and has an even better underfoot feel.


Your playroom is another aspect of your home, and you want to be sure it looks perfect for all visiting guests and matches the overall aesthetic of your house’s design. Luckily, Place N’ Go has created a variety of patterns and colors to choose from, so you will never feel that you are giving up style for practicality.

Easy replacement

We talked about how many messes kids make, and sometimes, there are mistakes made! If you find that one of your little ones has colored across a few tiles with a permanent marker or you have damaged tile, Place N’ Go’s interlocking system makes it easy to remove and replace these pieces without having to change the entire floor.

Created for commercial spaces, Place N’ Go quickly realized that all of the characteristics business owners are looking for are the same as those who are searching for residential floor tiles! Check out our inventory and learn about how our tiles could be the perfect solution for your playroom.

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