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Why Other Popular Flooring Materials Don’t Cut It

lab flooring

If there is one thing that FreeStyle hears a lot about our lab flooring, it’s that it’s not like any other on the market. There are plenty of more traditional flooring choices out there, but they just don’t seem to do the job right for those seeking out durable, waterproof materials that won’t cost an arm and a leg to install. There are always new trends jumping on the market, but here are the ways other traditional lab floorings just don’t cut it.


Though durable and affordable, ceramic can hold particles and bacteria in the grout lines and is not waterproof, which is less than ideal for chemicals and other liquids often used in labs.


Though what many would consider the best option on the market because of its durability and chemical resistance, epoxy is also often the most expensive and not always attainable.


Vinyl Composition Tile is another more affordable flooring option but faces similar challenges to ceramic. It is less durable, not resistant to chemicals, and can hold in bacteria and other particles in the joints.

Fortunately, FreeStyle’s interlocking flooring for labs can solve all of these common problems. Our unique system allows for these floors to be installed without any disclaimers to problem subfloors, can be sealed to be totally waterproof, and has the resilience to withstand the abrasions and issues faced with less durable lab flooring. Not to mention, our floors can also be removed, reinstalled, and re-sealed at any time.

Choosing to invest in lab flooring is easy when you decide to work with us. Our experts would be happy to tell you about all of the incredible benefits and characteristics of our flooring that will be an investment worth making for your business.

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