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Desconn, Inc.

“We needed to select flooring for the primary lab at Waterbury Hospital with the stipulation there could be little to no downtime. The hospital originally considered an epoxy but the existing floor was not in the greatest shape and the necessary drying time would require the lab to be unavailable for several days. We did some research and came across SelecTech. It’s FreeStyle BioLock product met the standards of what was needed for a hospital lab. Even better, with its interlocking technology, it could be installed over the existing floor. That essentially meant no down time for lab staff members. The installation of the 2200 square feet of flooring did require close coordination with hospital staff over the three days we were there. Yet when you consider the scope of the job, the superior quality of the floor and zero down time, going with SelecTech’s FreeStyle BioLock was a win for all parties.”

–Joe Cannizzaro, Desconn, Inc. Terrazzo & Epoxy Flooring Contractor, West Haven, CT