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The Flexibility of Industrial Interlocking Flooring

When working in an industrial setting, you have so much more to worry about than if your floor is going to withstand heavy use. For example, in a kitchen, you need to know that your floor isn’t going to stain or wear down if food is spilled on it all day long. In a manufacturing plant, you want something sturdy and easily cleaned. In an office space, large desks and chairs can take a toll if you’re not careful. By installing SelecTile Industrial Interlocking Flooring by professionals here at SelecTech, you can shift your focus to your business without concern.


No Adhesives

With interlocking flooring, you don’t have to worry about adhesives. Our tiles fit snugly together, leaving behind a smooth, extremely durable surface. Made from recycled PVC materials, they are resistant to most chemicals and solvents, which means you don’t have to worry about damaging them – no matter what you’re working with. The smooth surface makes it easy to move pallet jacks, forklifts, and other heavy industrial equipment.

Using a non-porous material in your flooring is essential in an industrial setting because it prevents any spilled material from absorbing into your floors and causing any long-term damage, either to your building or your staff. If there is a spill, you can wipe it up, making our flooring easy to maintain.


Interlocking Magic

The interlocking aspect is also one that warrants recognition. The tiles are easily reconfigurable and replaceable, making our industrial interlocking floors extremely flexible. The easy reconfiguration means you can rearrange your space however you’d like, without worrying about if your current flooring is conducive to the new arrangement. Using interlocking tiles instead of traditional flooring is also beneficial if you ever have to replace a damaged tile. Rather than halting production to replace the entire floor, you only have to replace the damaged tile.

At SelecTech, we want to make your job easier. You don’t have to worry about long installation times or hazardous spills that could harm your employees. Call us at  508-583-3200 for more information!