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The Perfect Lab Flooring for Your Clean Room

lab flooring




A clean room defined is a space of particular standards utilized particularly for laboratory work.  However, clean rooms can also be used when making precision parts for electronics or the aerospace industries.  These spaces are designed to maintain low levels of foreign elements like dust, airborne organisms, or vaporized particles.  Typically, they have a cleanliness level that is measured with scientific formulas.  Needless to say, clean rooms are taken very seriously.  At SelecTech, we understand the importance of details when it comes to clean rooms.  That is why we have created the ideal laboratory flooring solution to help make many of the particulars of creating a clean room a more straightforward task.


One of the major investments when creating a cleanroom concerns the flow of air in the space.  If your facility has air entering from the outside, it needs to be filtered.  By filtering outside air, you are excluding unwanted elements like dust.  However, if the air inside the building is recirculated, filtration requirements are a bit different.  With the use of filters like HEPA and ULPA, you ensure the air remains at an optimal state.


Having the proper flooring is imperative when it concerns clean rooms.  One of the key features the proper flooring should offer is liquid resistance.  Although many floors claim to be waterproof, they are not watertight.  If a spill were to occur, lab flooring requires a watertight solution.  What this means, is that any chemicals or liquids spilled will not be able to seep through the tile.  Thus, since the liquid is contained to the flooring surface, you can be sure no seepage has occurred.

Temperature Control

Because of the sensitive nature of many clean room projects, temperature control may become an essential need.  One of the primary concerns with temperature revolves around the humidity that may occur.  With the proper air circulation and high-quality temperature system, you can be certain your space is held at the optimal environmental requirement.


If you are looking to better protect, upgrade, or build a new clean room, consider contacting SelecTech.  With FreeStyle’s BioLock interlocking lab flooring system you can relieve some of the stresses involved with clean room standards.  Visit SelecTech online to learn more in-depth information of how their patented flooring system is the ideal laboratory flooring you need.