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Upgrade Your Commercial Flooring with EcoLock™

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We’re always innovating at SelecTech, and our newest innovation is EcoLock™ Modular Tile. FreeStyle EcoLock™ is a sustainable, resilient modular floor tile made with bio-based polymers, natural minerals, and a patented vertical interlocking seam technology designed for commercial and residential use. There are many benefits and great features that you’ll get to experience when you upgrade your commercial flooring with EcoLock™.


Are you ready for better commercial flooring? Here’s why you should choose Freestyle EcoLock™ from SelecTech.


Save Time and Money

Installing a new floor is often a time-consuming and expensive process. However, choosing EcoLock™ will save you a lot of time and money. It installs right over your existing floors. There’s no need to tear up or remove the flooring you already have, and getting your floor ready to install the tiles on top of it requires minimal preparation. You can even install EcoLock™ in an occupied environment. No need to worry about dust, disruption, or downtime.


Improve Safety and Comfort

Spills and water damage are a real concern for your floor, especially in a commercial or industrial environment. FreeStyles tiles are 100% waterproof and have an extremely low absorption rate. The non-porous surface resists both stains and organisms and bacteria that spread disease and infections. Our patented “zipper” interlock also creates a water-tight seam to keep liquids from seeping between and beneath the tiles.

How does it improve comfort? That would be the built-in underlayment. It provides underfoot comfort and reduces sound. EcoLock™ is comfortable to walk on and creates a quieter and more pleasant environment.


Make a Responsible Choice

When you purchase any flooring product from SelecTech, you know that you’re making a responsible and environmentally-friendly choice. And that’s especially true of EcoLock™. These tiles are made from 80% rapidly renewable materials and are part of our “Select Again” sustainability program. SelecTech recycles our FreeStyle flooring products so old tiles become new tiles.


EcoLock™: Better Commercial Flooring

These are just a few of the great things about EcoLock™ tiles. They’re also PVC-free and perform just as well or even better in the same applications. We also have twelve patterns in stock that are similar to comparable products.


Contact our team at 508-583-3200 to learn more about EcoLock™ and our other flooring products.