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Flooring selection can make or break an athletic facility. The chosen material needs to not only perform exceptionally, but it should look great at the same time. Having a functional, aesthetically pleasing floor can create a high-quality athletic environment.

The flooring should be comfortable and safe for the athletes and staff in the facility. Having a slip-resistant floor is vital to ensure the protection of athletes that may be running, jumping, or making abrupt changes in direction. Additionally, flooring that can provide extra comfort is more pleasant for the athletes, and can reduce the chances of high-impact related injuries that can occur on harder surfaces.

FreeStyle has the experience and the products to provide the best flooring solutions for these settings.  

FreeStyle products frequently used in these environments include:

FreeStyle Vinyl, most often used in these settings, is an attractive surface that maintains well. Interlocking versions have an easy installation with minimal disruption to operations, which saves time, money, and inconvenience to customers and employees. It is comfortable and slip-resistant, creating a pleasant, safe athletic environment.
SelecTile SelecTile is designed to take a beating. It can withstand heavy gym equipment and scuffs from intense activity. It is also slip-resistant which reduces the occurrence of exercise-related injuries. This interlocking tile product is built specifically for this type of abuse, and can be easily replaced or repaired.