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Understanding Watertight Flooring and More. 

watertight flooring

As a company that specializes in flooring for labs and other sensitive environments, SelecTech receives plenty of questions. In fact, a recent conference brought light to how much misinformation is circulating. As innovators in the industry holding leadership positions within flooring committees, our team thought it imperative to take a moment to address a few of these questions. Questions that people should know the answers to. For instance, understanding the differences between waterproof and watertight flooring. Contrary to popular belief, they are not the same.


Here, our experts delve into the world of waterproof and watertight flooring. Addressing one of the many commonly asked questions that our team hears.


Let us begin by stating the obvious – water penetration can cause significant damage to floors and subflooring. Thus, finding a solution that offers added protection always becomes a desirable feature. So, do you choose watertight or waterproof? What are the similarities and differences?


Watertight Flooring

Watertight refers to flooring materials that prevent water from passing through the surface level – even at the seams. Although the name implies ‘water,’ this flooring is often liquidtight. Thus, when you consider healthcare environments or industries where chemicals are used, you can understand why these floors are so desirable.

FreeStyle provides customers from various industries with a decorative, interlocking flooring solution that comes with watertight features. Proven to be ideal in spaces where sterile environments and practicality collide, watertight flooring combined with waterproof sealer is the ultimate solution.

Freestyle SeamSeal is an application that provides invisible under-seam, water-resistant, mold-resistant, and mildew resistant surfaces. After being vigorously tested for wet labs, our experts have found that SeamSeal did not allow leakage even after heavy equipment was dropped on the floor.


Waterproof Flooring

On the other hand, there is waterproof flooring. This category of flooring is similar in that spilled liquids will not be allowed to penetrate the material’s surface. In other words, spills will not damage your floors. However, waterproof flooring speaks only of the flooring – not the seams. Unlike watertight flooring, this category of flooring may allow water to penetrate through the seams to the subfloor.


Our team at SelecTech understands that businesses are always searching for the best solutions for their flooring needs. This is especially true when it involves the health and wellbeing of patients, employees and others who enter the environment. With decades of individual industry experience, you can have confidence in the knowledge and recommendations you receive.

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For more information on watertight flooring from FreeStyle, please contact our experts at (508) 583-3200.