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We’ll Be at the Commercial One® Convention!

SelecTech recently shared exciting news about joining Commercial One® as an approved vendor and how we will begin showcasing our flooring products to its dealers and customers. That being said, we are excited to announce we will be attending the AHSG and Commercial One® Convention in Indian Wells, CA October 23-24, 2017!

We will be gathering with 105 other commercial flooring companies from around the United States. We will have the opportunity to listen to blue-ribbon panels with US Flooring Industry Associations leading executives from WFA, NTCA, AGC, FCICA, and Flooring Solutions Plus. We will also have the opportunity to showcase our FreeStyle flooring options (and maybe some of our Place N’ Go products.) Our team is excited to learn from other professionals, cover multiple topics, and find ways this information can be beneficial for our interlocking commercial and residential flooring systems.

American Home Surface Group’s (AHSG) Commercial One® is a commercial flooring alliance providing solutions and other services to flooring contractors around the country. By creating relationships with manufacturers, Commercial One® has been able to help develop partnerships between members and top industry suppliers in 12 different categories that support a variety of industries. They create partnerships that benefit members, suppliers, and consumers.

We have already been fortunate to experience some of the benefits our Commercial One® partnership has been able to offer FreeStyle with purchases being made for commercial or lab flooring and are excited to see the trend continue for years to come. We are eager to keep expanding our knowledge as experts in the flooring industry to be better every day, and we are excited to see where these resources take us.

With more questions about our products, any of our upcoming events, or our partnership with Commercial One®, please don’t hesitate to contact the FreeStyle team today by calling (508) 583-3200.