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What are Floating Floors?

floating floors

If you’ve ever heard of floating floors and thought of a futuristic invention, we’re here to help clarify! Here at FreeStyle, we manufacture innovative solutions that help industries across the board better their working environments.  Our floating floors are the perfect environmentally friendly solution you’ve been looking for.

So, what exactly is a floating floor? Simply stated, our interlocking flooring system is a new floor for your school, healthcare facility, store, etc.  FreeStyle commercial flooring provides an easy installation process which allows the tiles to be placed directly over your existing floor.  Thus, covering problem subflooring has never been easier!

Further, the interlocking design of our flooring system allows your busy days to stay productive.  Enabling installation to be completed in small sections around your schedule, FreeStyle floating floors will never interfere with your workday.  Eliminating the use of adhesives, the days of clearing out a room for a new floor install are far behind us!


School Flooring

One of the most abused flooring systems is that found within schools.  With thousands of feet walking and running, possibly even jumping, on your school flooring repeatedly throughout the day, a clear path of travel can be seen.  However, with the quick installation of FreeStyle flooring, you can give your school the facelift it needs.  Not only will you achieve an aesthetically engaging feel, but you’ll enhance classroom learning.  Our floors have been tested in the loudest of environments and proved trustworthy when it comes to noise reduction.  


Healthcare Flooring

When it comes to healthcare flooring, sanitization is crucial.  FreeStyle offers two types of flooring ideal in minimizing subfloor moistures, enhancing air quality, providing easy clean-up, and creating an overall safer environment.  BioLock, in particular, is naturally resistant to gouges and scuffs, and is slip-resistant.  All of these key features make for the ideal flooring system for patient and staff safety.


Industrial Flooring

Industrial industries are similar to educational buildings when it comes to everyday wear and tear of their flooring.  With large machinery, forklift traffic, and heavy equipment, industrial flooring must be able to stand the test of time.  Lucky for you SelecTile was designed to take a beating.  The extra-durable surface can withstand the heaviest of equipment or impact.


Retail Flooring

In order to attract people into your store, you must present them with an aesthetically appealing display.  FreeStyle comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing an easy transition when changing your retail flooring.  Not only are you enabled to carry your overall tone to your flooring system with ease, but you’ll save money with minimal downtime.


With up to 100% recycled content and being 100% recyclable, FreeStyle Flooring is the solution you’ve been searching for.  If you’d like more information on how our floating floors can help enhance your environment, give us a call at (508) 583-3200 or click here to contact us online.