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What Makes an Eco-Friendly Company?

sustainable flooring

With our roots as a recycling company, we’ve always valued our sustainable practices, and
bettering them is a top priority. As more and more people become environmentally aware, it’s
even easier to make better, more eco-friendly purchases. Here at SelecTech, we go above and
beyond making our products more sustainable, but we also take them back when you’re done –
further minimizing the carbon footprint of both you and our company.


The three R’s of conservation are reduce, reuse, recycle. Although the third one is the one most people associate with “environmental health,” the other two are just as important. After all, the best way to decrease waste and shrink our carbon footprint is to reduce our consumption. Rather than single-use items, people are turning to more high-quality things that will last a long time. Our FreeStyle flooring is made with quality materials to outlast other flooring choices. Further, our interlocking tile eliminates the need for glue and other adhesives, reducing the number of resources necessary for installation. This checks not only one, but two of the three “R’s.” In addition to reduce resources, it also makes the product easier to recycle.


The products offered here at SelecTech are unique enough from our competitors, but something else that separates us is the ability to recycle our product. Both the top and bottom part of the tile are compatible, meaning they can be recycled by us and turned into new tiles! Avoiding the use of adhesives makes this product easier as well. So easy that we’ll pay you to take them off your hands! As durable as our tiles are, all good things must come to an end, and wouldn’t you rather give it new life?

In addition to contributing to a better planet, purchasing FreeStyle flooring from SelecTech can benefit you as well. LEED, an organization that certifies and rewards buildings and organizations for sustainability efforts, offers various categories of “points” for things like using minimal resources and recyclability. These points can contribute to a certification that can result in tax breaks, saving you money! For more information about LEED and our FreeStyle flooring products, visit our site here.