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What Makes Lab Flooring “Green”?

flooring for labs

At Freestyle, we’re committed to changing lab flooring and the flooring industry as a whole, to better help our environment. With this intent, we’ve developed innovative flooring solutions that have sustainability first in mind.

In a world where global warming and other environmental issues are hot topics – our company is doing our part to make the flooring industry earth-friendly. How do we do this? In this article, we’re taking a look at just a few of the different ways SelecTech is changing the world – one floor at a time.


100% Recyclable

With decades of industry experience, our team hasn’t always been at the forefront of innovation. Once upon a time, we worked on various projects where we witnessed piles of waste being created. It was then that our founder engineered a concept that would later change the industry one floor at a time.

SelecTech was founded with a mission. This mission was to change the flooring industry as we once knew it. As a leader in recycling waste plastics, our lab flooring is the most innovative in the industry. Not only are our floors 100% recyclable minimizing global waste, but they’re also created from recycled materials.


lab flooring

Free of adhesives

Installing a floor typically involves the use of adhesives. However, our innovative design has eliminated the use of adhesives, thus removing the potential of solvent emissions. Our MAS Certified Green logo provides the promise of low to no VOC emissions.

Why do VOCs matter? Well, because they not only contain harmful short and long-term health effects, but they also increase gaseous pollutants resulting in smog.


Take back program

Determined to keep our products out of landfills, our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to offer a take-back program to our customers. We realize that not everyone will take the time to recycle their recyclables, so we came up with an idea to further incentivize people to take the extra step.

Our Cradle to Cradle Reuse Program credits customers per pound for both ESD and standard products authorized for return at the end of their useful life. From there, we’ll recycle and reuse the materials in the production of new products.


flooring for labs

For more information on our innovative lab flooring or Cradle to Cradle Reuse Program, contact our team at (877) 738-4537. Since 1993, our company has strived towards creating flooring solutions that are attractive, budget-friendly, easily installed, and environmentally-friendly.