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Why Proper Flooring for Laboratories is Imperative

flooring for laboratories

There are several industries in the United States that risk is an everyday part of the job.  With the innovations of today that are ever-evolving, a variety of products have become available to keep employees at the safest level possible.  Although there are many areas of labs that one can think of when it comes to safety precautions, flooring for laboratories should also be a consideration.  FreeStyle by SelecTech offers cutting-edge flooring made specifically with laboratories in mind.



The key to a successful business is production.  However, when installing or replacing a floor, you could incur a significant amount of downtime.  Bringing production to a halt is not ideal, but sometimes necessary.  However, FreeStyle has designed an interlocking flooring for laboratories that allows for a minimal stop in production, if any at all.  Because of its unique interlocking system that allows installation to occur in sections, a  complete shutdown isn’t necessary.  Furthermore, this makes moving furniture and equipment a simpler task as the room does not need to be fully emptied.

Another added benefit to this flooring system is the replacement of tiles has also been simplified in process.  Should damage occur, the unique design of FreeStyle’s flooring allows for a tile to be removed without compromising the entire system.  Because of this added convenience, you can count on zero downtime should you need to replace a single tile or section of flooring.


The laboratory environment is one that needs a high level of cleanliness.  Because of the hazardous wastes and materials that are handled daily, choosing flooring for laboratories that are easily cleaned is crucial.  Often available are the choices of waterproof and watertight flooring, but which is the best choice? While waterproof flooring may seem the obvious answer, these floors may still allow liquid to seep through onto the subfloor.  Seepage creates an ideal setting for bacteria to harbor.

On the contrary, watertight floors prevent water seepage.  When dealing with any hazardous liquids, it’s crucial to be able to not only clean the surface but fully absorb all liquids.  Eliminating all chances of seepage ensures the safest environment for your laboratory and employees.



If you are considering different options regarding flooring for laboratories in your company, contact SelecTech to find out more about their FreeStyle products.  Offering products specifically designed for the safety of your employees, there are many additional benefits to their interlocking flooring system.  Call today at (508) 583-3200.