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How Lab Flooring Improves Performance

Performance is everything in industries that require laboratories. It only makes sense that they have the right equipment to complement their work and professionalism. Lab flooring makes a significant difference in performance. SelecTech offers many types for a variety of needs. Once you find the best option, your performance is sure to get better.   […]

What Does Healthcare Flooring Need?

Healthcare flooring has its own set of needs and requirements that are different from flooring at other types of businesses. Take a look at what to keep in mind in choosing healthcare flooring. Healthcare flooring needs to reduce the number of slips and falls people can take. This means that when the floor is wet […]

The Benefits of SelecTile

There is a reason that we promote SelecTile as one of the best flooring options available. Take a look at its benefits, and you’ll realize that it’s worth using for your next project. SelecTile is composed of vinyl tiles. Vinyl is a preferred flooring material for a number of reasons. Water and stain resistant. These […]

Flooring For Schools

When you’re remodeling or designing a school or other educational institution, you need to make sure it’s safe for kids from the ground up. We have the right flooring for schools that fits your needs and your budget. Instead of installing expensive hardwood or tile, you can just put our interlock tiles over the existing […]

Two Unexpected Benefits of FreeStyle for Lab Flooring

Our team can go on and on about how our floors have helped benefit businesses all around the US for their easy installations and unique interlocking system. We can’t help but talk about it because it’s the best answer to many problems facilities like laboratories face when looking for new accommodations. In all of our […]

How We Contribute to LEED Points

From the beginning, SelecTech’s mission as a business was to create valuable products from scrap plastics. Since 1993, we have been recognized around the country for executing superior and creative products using state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs. With these principles in mind, we created a number of lab flooring options that contribute to LEED points. […]

FreeStyle Perfect for Hospitals

FreeStyle flooring was created with unique properties that make it an ideal lab flooring option, and hospitals are beginning to notice these benefits. Both Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Kaleida Women’s & Children’s Hospital have invested in FreeStyle flooring for different reasons, but their needs and challenges overlapped in many areas. Brigham & Women’s Hospital […]

Routine Maintenance for Your Lab Flooring

One of the characteristics many of our clients love about our flooring for labs is that it is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance to keep in pristine condition. That being said, routine cleaning is the best way to help keep your floors looking and feeling brand new. The wear layer on our tiles is […]

Why FreeStyle is Perfect for School Labs

Similar to choosing flooring for a lab in a workplace, school lab flooring should have many of the same considerations. FreeStyle Flooring is a great option for any official seeking out the perfect solution for their students and professionals. Here are some of the benefits our flooring can provide your academic building. Dirty and wet […]

Why Other Popular Flooring Materials Don’t Cut It

If there is one thing that FreeStyle hears a lot about our lab flooring, it’s that it’s not like any other on the market. There are plenty of more traditional flooring choices out there, but they just don’t seem to do the job right for those seeking out durable, waterproof materials that won’t cost an […]