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4 Industries That Benefit from Floating Floors

floating floors

Many businesses and industries are transitioning to alternative and innovative flooring solutions. Floating floors are a type of flooring that is not glued or nailed down to the subfloor but floats on top. This type of flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its versatility and ease of installation. While many different industries can benefit from floating flooring, a few stand out as particularly well-suited for this type of flooring.


Here are four industries that benefit from floating floors.


Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities require flooring that is easy to clean and maintain while providing slip resistance and durability. Floating flooring is a great choice because they are easy to replace or repair if damaged. Also, floating floors can be made from materials resistant to bacteria and other pathogens, making them a hygienic choice for medical settings.



The hospitality industry is another sector that can benefit from floating flooring. Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses need flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic and spills while also being aesthetically pleasing. Manufacturers can make floating floor sections from a variety of materials, including hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. They can also customize them to match the decor of any hospitality setting.



Retail stores and shopping centers are also good candidates for floating flooring. These types of businesses need durable flooring that is easy to maintain and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Additionally, it is easy to design floating floors to look like more expensive flooring materials, such as hardwood, while still being more affordable and easier to install.



Schools, universities, and other educational institutions can benefit from floating floors. These facilities require durable and easy flooring to clean while also being able to withstand heavy use. Floating flooring can be made from materials that are resistant to scratches and scuffs, making them a great choice for educational settings.


floating floors

Floating Floors from FreeStyle by SelecTech

The versatility and ease of installation of floating floors make them an ideal flooring solution for many industries. From healthcare facilities to hospitality businesses, retail stores, and educational institutions, floating flooring can provide a durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective option that can meet the unique needs of each industry. With flooring solutions from FreeStyle and SelecTech, you can find the ideal flooring for your business or industry.


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