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The Cannabis Industry and Flooring Requirements


Cleanroom flooring for labs require the highest quality, easiest maintenance flooring solution. However, these requirements do not encompass everything, especially when it comes to the ever-growing cannabis industry. As a flooring solution designed specifically for the requirements of the laboratory environment, FreeStyle BioLock by SelecTech exceeds all expectations.

Here is a closer look.



Preventing chemicals spills or drops from seeping through the floor is a must in any lab environment. And, while some levels may claim to be waterproof, understanding that this term is much different than watertight is essential. Waterproof floors can get wet but still allow liquids to seep through onto the subfloor, whereas watertight flooring prevents any possible seepage from penetrating the top layer.


Static Controlled.

Additionally, many cannabis labs use expensive electronic equipment for testing purposes. Much of this equipment is automated, making the control of static electricity in the laboratory environment critical.


Fast Installation.

Many of the cannabis labs are starting fresh. Thus, when jumping into the industry, there are several tasks to be had. Working on a tight timeline, the last thing you need is a delay because of floor curing wait times. Instead, it would be best to have a lab flooring solution that delivers properties you require with little to no downtime on installation. Enter BioLock.

BioLock interlocking tiles are portable and offer one of the most straightforward installations. With the elimination of floor preparations, messy adhesives, and high VOC levels, your daily operations can continue as planned while the new flooring is installed.


When searching flooring for labs, knowing your environment’s critical necessities is a must. With BioLock from FreeStyle, you can rest assured that all of those requirements are met.


Not only does this cleanroom flooring for labs provide a watertight seam, but it also maintains static control to the highest levels ensuring your equipment and processes are protected. Further, BioLock provides the ultimate underfoot comfort for long days and natural slip resistance for maximum safety.


For more information on BioLock by SelecTech, please get in touch with our team today by calling (508) 583-3200.