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Essential Characteristics of Industrial Flooring

industrial flooring

Not all industrial flooring solutions are the same. Often when a business or facility needs a new floor, they will just purchase the most affordable option. While finding a budget-friendly product is of course important, there are other characteristics that need to be considered as well. Whether it is a school, retail store, medical facility, or something else, industrial spaces see a lot of traffic and need a flooring solution that can keep up.

Here are some essential characteristics of good industrial flooring solutions.


Durable and Stress-Resistant

Schools, stores, and medical facilities have hundreds if not thousands of people walking through them every day. Any floor will start to show signs of wear and tear after that much foot traffic. In an industrial environment like a warehouse, there are also heavy loads and vehicles crossing your floor. A floor that cracks or can’t take the weight of a forklift carrying a heavy load isn’t going to last very long. Similarly, floors that show wear from heavy foot traffic after a short period are not good enough for any industrial or commercial space.


Resistant to Chemicals

Spills and accidents are liable to happen anywhere, no matter the safety standards. It’s important for industrial flooring to be easy to clean and of a material that will not absorb chemicals and liquids. SelecTile™ from FreeStyle is non-porous and made of PVC materials which makes it resistant to most solvents, chemicals, and abrasions.


Visually Attractive

When you install a new floor, you intend for it to last for many years. Because you, your staff, and the public will have to look at your floor for years to come, you want it to look good. Drab flooring can make a space look dreary, uninviting, or cold. You don’t want to unintentionally ruin your employees’ morale or alienate your customers because of your flooring. Think about the color and pattern of your flooring before you install it or consider adding images to your floor with FreeStyle DigiTile.


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FreeStyle Industrial Flooring Solutions by SelecTech

FreeStyle industrial flooring by SelecTech offers durable and attractive flooring solutions that are easy to install and maintain. Install the interlocking tiles over your existing flooring with minimal work to your subfloor beforehand.


For more information on SelecTech’s FreeStyle products, contact our team at (508) 583-3200.