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Access Flooring For Kaleida Women & Children’s Hospital

access flooring

For busy hospitals and clinics with tight downtime constraints, FreeStyle Interlocking Environmental Flooring is the perfect access flooring solution. Installed directly over old flooring, with no need for adhesives, these access floors can be walked on immediately. Thus, you have a solution that eliminates the typical disruptions found with conventional glue-down flooring products. Furthermore, FreeStyle provides a durable wear layer, to stand up to heavy traffic from foot or equipment.



Kaleida Women & Children’s Hospital

When Kaleida Women’s and Children’s Hospital replaced its floors, they needed flooring that could be installed with minimal downtime. The hospital also required a “green” floor — one that would be comfortable to walk on and in a style consistent with the designer’s vision. While the requirements seem hefty, FreeStyle from SelecTech fits the bill.


With access flooring from FreeStyle, the hospital’s maintenance crew installed the new floors directly over the existing ceramic floor. It was a solution that ultimately provided a quick and cost-effective resolution with little to no disruption to the hospital’s everyday happenings. To match the décor, SelecTech created a custom color to seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetic while providing enhanced underfoot comfort for those on their feet for long hours.


As with any of the innovation access floors from SelecTech, FreeStyle is made from recycled materials. Requiring no adhesives, the flooring is designed to eliminate solvent emissions. Thus, meeting the ‘green’ requirement as well.


access flooring




The perfect flooring solution for hospitals and clinics.

Solves Problems

  • Can Be Installed over Problem Sub-Floors
  • Covers High Moisture Concrete
  • No Adhesive Failures to Worry About Quick Installation

Quick Installation

  • Meets “Quick Build” Timelines
  • Installs directly over Existing Floors / Eliminates wait
  • Floor Can Be Used Immediately After Installation
  • Eliminates Costly and Disruptive Rip-Out of Old Flooring
  • Damaged Tiles Can Be Changed Easily and Quickly

Durability to Match the Most Demanding Environments

  • Waterproof, Anti-Microbial, & Chemical & Stain-Resistant
  • Formulated for High Traffic and Commercial Use
  • 10-Year Commercial Wear Through Warranty

Resilient Construction for Safety and Comfort

  • Better Comfort Under Foot
  • Reduces Noise
  • Meets ADA Requirements for Slip Resistance Environmentally Preferred
  • Made with 50% Recycled Materials and Portable for Re-Use
  • 100% Recyclable Back into New FreeStyle – We’ll Take




“Our mission is to provide the best possible care for families throughout Western New York and beyond. So, when we were upgrading many of the units here at Kaleida Women & Children’s Hospital, it was imperative that we minimize the interruption to our staff and patients. The removal of the old flooring would have required closing units. When we found FreeStyle access flooring and learned that it could be put directly over the old problem floor, we knew we had our solution.”


access flooring



For more information on the most advanced, sustainable flooring in the healthcare industry, contact the innovators at SelecTech by calling (508) 583-3200. We are happy to put our expertise to work for your access flooring requirements.