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The Benefits of SelecTile

flooring for labs

There is a reason that we promote SelecTile as one of the best flooring options available. Take a look at its benefits, and you’ll realize that it’s worth using for your next project.

SelecTile is composed of vinyl tiles. Vinyl is a preferred flooring material for a number of reasons.

  • Water and stain resistant. These tiles can stand up to heavy wear and spills, making them perfect for environments with high traffic.
  • Durable. These tiles last a long time and can withstand heavy wear. Hundreds of people walking on the tiles each day are no problem, and the tiles can stand up to heavy fork truck traffic as well.
  • Cost-effective. Vinyl is an affordable material, and SelecTile tiles are also affordable.

SelecTile is also MAS Certified Green. This means they’ve passed MAS tests to be sure that they are safe to use indoors, and won’t give off harmful emissions as time passes. This means they’re also useful in areas like schools, where there will be many children walking on the tiles on any given day.

There are more benefits to SelecTile beyond these critical two points. See for yourself:

  • Installation is quick and easy with interlocking tiles. You can also change around the layout of the flooring at will.
  • The tiles are non-porous and flexible, meaning they are resistant to chemical solvents and any abrasion.
  • The tiles are made of recycled PVC. This makes producing them less harmful to the environment.
  • The tiles can stand up to 1000 psi loads. This means they are suitable for warehouses or manufacturing floors.

When you’re choosing flooring for a school, warehouse, laboratory, or other commercial space, consider SelecTile. It’s the perfect option for price and durability. Contact Freestyle Flooring today to learn more about SelecTile—we’ll be happy to discuss your flooring needs and find the match that is perfect for you.