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Why Cleanroom Flooring Needs Antistatic Materials

cleanroom flooring

Cleanrooms house delicate devices and equipment, and the smallest unexpected change in the environment can be a serious problem. In these environments, it’s important to do everything possible to remove any variables that could damage these devices or equipment. FreeStyle antistatic products from SelecTech are ideal for cleanroom flooring to help protect the delicate work that happens in these environments.


Here’s a closer look at the reasons why cleanroom flooring requires antistatic materials.


Electrostatic Discharge Control

ESD control is the primary reason that any specialized space requires antistatic flooring. Cleanrooms often house sensitive electronic equipment and devices, so antistatic flooring helps control and minimize the generation of electrostatic charges. Dissipating static discharges reduces the risk of damage to delicate electronic components.


Particle Contamination Control

Maintaining low particle contamination levels is also crucial in cleanroom environments. Antistatic flooring helps to prevent the buildup of static charges that can attract and hold particles, dust, and other contaminants. This is essential for industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, where even tiny particles can have a significant impact on product quality.


Worker Safety

The design of antistatic flooring provides a safe working environment for personnel. It helps prevent static electricity from accumulating on individuals, reducing the risk of static shocks and ensuring the safety of workers.


Compliance with Standards

Many industries, especially those involved in manufacturing and handling electronic components, adhere to industry standards and regulations that require ESD control measures. Antistatic flooring is one of these measures, and SelecTech products comply with these industry standards.


Preserving Product Integrity

In industries where product integrity is critical, such as aerospace or medical device manufacturing, antistatic flooring plays a role in preserving the quality and reliability of the final products. If the rigid quality control standards are not maintained, the equipment can malfunction, potentially endangering anyone using it.


ESD Cleanroom Flooring | FreeStyle by SelecTech

Industries maintain a controlled environment by using antistatic materials for their cleanroom flooring. Minimizing static charges protects the workers and their equipment and ensures the integrity of the manufacturing process and the finished product. At SelecTech, we offer products that meet industry standards and allow manufacturers to achieve their desired results.


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